Josh Walker announces his candidacy for mayor of Plymouth in 2019

On the morning of December 4th at 9am, Josh Walker hosted a press conference in his office at Recon Media in downtown Plymouth. Media organizations from Plymouth and South Bend were present, as were friends, family, supporters, and small business owners.

Walker announced his candidacy and then shared with the crowd his passion for Plymouth and why he’s running for mayor. His wife, Amy, and daughter Soleil joined him at the podium during the announcement.

Below is the announcement press release as well as the transcript of his announcement speech.



News Release


December 4, 2018

Josh Walker Announces Candidacy for Plymouth Mayor

Josh Walker of Plymouth officially declares his candidacy for the office of Mayor of the City of Plymouth in the 2019 elections. Walker, 35, a combat veteran of the 101st Airborne Division, is a resident of Plymouth, Indiana with a ten-year background in branding, marketing, and advertising.

“I’m proud and honored to announce my candidacy for mayor of Plymouth. Through my business Recon Media and various groups and nonprofits such as The Marshall County Neighborhood Center, the Young Professionals Network of Marshall County, and more, I’ve seen the potential our city has and the passion of the people and small businesses here. I’ve decided to run to give the people of Plymouth a true voice who will both listen to and address their concerns. I look forward to continuing to meet people in the community and together, solving the challenges our city faces.”

Walker’s small business located in downtown Plymouth has been the recipient of numerous awards for their work for nonprofits and works primarily with businesses in and around Plymouth and Marshall County. Walker was also recently awarded the newly created Plymouth Chamber of Commerce Board Members Citizen of the Year award for his proactive volunteer efforts and leadership in Plymouth and Marshall County.

“The primary role of any mayor is to listen to and be an advocate for the people. They should be a vital and active servant leader, not afraid to put in the extra hours to make sure the job is done. When I speak with my neighbors and other concerned residents of our community, their needs and desires fully resonate with me. Our families and residents want a city that’s constantly growing, both economically and culturally. A city that is representative of all our residents and embraces them and their needs.”

Walker plans to continue his service to others by working to make Plymouth a stronger economic and cultural hub for families, small businesses, and visitors.

“I carry with me to this day two deeply-rooted principles that were always present in my platoon in the 101st Airborne: first, whatever you’re doing, leave it better than you found it, and secondly, don’t complain unless you have a solution. I believe we have a duty to make Plymouth stronger and more vibrant through efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.”

Election day is Tuesday, November 6, 2019. Residents can register to vote, check their registration status, or find their polling place by visiting


Good morning, everyone!  My name is Josh Walker, and I’m incredibly excited to be here this morning to announce that I am running for mayor of Plymouth in 2019.

As a Cavalry Scout in the 101st Airborne, I deployed to the streets of Baghdad, Iraq, where I learned the meaning of commitment to the mission, loyalty to my brothers and sisters, and community.  

When I returned to northern Indiana in 2006 to start my family, I found those very same values represented right here in Plymouth.

Plymouth is a city that comes together to help each other, looks for the good in people, and has a commonly shared belief in humanity.

My time in the military wasn’t the end of my service, though. It instilled a deep desire to continue serving others.

After the devastating Marshall County flood of 2018, I helped organize the group of volunteers and community leaders that became the emergency flood response team.

During that time, I worked tirelessly to coordinate volunteers and resources with families and local businesses in Plymouth that needed help.

As any person in this room can attest, the outpouring of support from the people of Plymouth was overwhelming.  

In those days and every day since, I’ve seen clearly that this is a city that values commitment, loyalty, and community.

I co-founded “Discover Plymouth,” an organization that is dedicated to the revitalization of our downtown through small business promotions, arts and culture activities, and planning for the future of our city.

The combined efforts of the volunteers in Discover Plymouth led to downtown Plymouth’s designation as an official Indiana Main Street.

I believe in Plymouth. I believe in Plymouth so much that I chose to start my business here.

We’re gathered today in the home of Recon Media, the small business I created to help other businesses and nonprofits improve their own brands and marketing efforts.  

Plymouth deserves — you deserve — a mayor who asks questions, listens to you, and works to see our city move forward in an exciting and positive way.

I believe we need energy and leadership that will take Plymouth into the next era of innovation and growth.

I believe we need to support and enable our small businesses to thrive in Plymouth.

I believe we need to be intentional about the businesses we work to attract to locate in Plymouth.

I believe we need to work together to keep jobs from leaving Plymouth.

I believe we need to strengthen our local economy to enable our families to thrive.

I believe our families are our most important assets in the community.

I believe we need servant leadership that is in the trenches getting their hands dirty.

We can do this, but I need your help.

Together, we need to address the issues our community faces like job creation, business and talent retention, and growth.

Together, we need to build each other up and move beyond the division and conflict we’ve seen in the past.

Together, we can bring about the positive changes I know so many people in Plymouth desire.

Together, we will move Plymouth forward to a bright future.

As Mayor of Plymouth, I will be an advocate and voice for all our citizens.

I will put our local small businesses before the interests of outside companies.

I will lead by example, with transparency and accountability.

Together, we will make all this happen.  We can create a Plymouth my eight-month-old-daughter Soleil and all of all our children will want to raise their own families for generations. To succeed, we’ll need your ideas and support. We’ll need your vote, and we need the votes of your family and friends.

Plymouth’s potential is endless — but we have work to do. To become the next mayor of our beautiful city, I need you to join me moving forward.

Let’s get to work.


[bctt tweet=”Plymouth’s potential is endless — but we have work to do. To become the next mayor of our beautiful city, I need you to join me moving forward.

Let’s get to work.“]





1913 N Michigan St, Suite F, Box 107
Plymouth, IN 46563

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